“the photos are coming, the photos are coming!”

A few of the other teams have sent us some photos they took during the rally.

As we were traveling along the Natchez Trace we entered a national forest, I can’t remember the name, it was peaceful, quiet and beautiful. This serene scene was shattered by “the mad avaitor” as he is now known. This cropduster appeared between the trees at a altitude of around 20 feet and proceeded to buzz all the cars. Dave remembers seeing in the rearview mirror smoke curling off of all the car’s tires that were behind us. Everybody panicked and stomped on the brakes!

The Mad Avaitor

John Steger is a nice man, a true enthusiast, and a nut. John owns the MG that has doors which close when they feel like it and, even worse, are known to open at highway speeds. A quirky car owned by a quirky guy. We are so very glad we met him. Years from now he’ll bring a smile to our faces each time we think of him.


“Hey John! Your door is open again.”

Door Open

Chris from the Birmingham News

The crazy Germans, Carmen & Holger. They’re back home and have sent us an email. Nice people.

Carmen & Holger

A few fun photos including Dave under the car, Nut #1 and Nut #2 (aka, Ruben & John), us winning the “Iron Butt Award”, and a few others.

Nut #1 and Nut #2

Good times………..


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