Rally Finish

We made it!

Hot, tired, sunburned, and happy, well sort of..

We pulled into Birmingham for the finish and a cold drink. We were awarded the highly sought after “Iron Butt Award” due to the length of the drive from Houston. Helen says it’s actually the “buns of steel” award.

Due to our scheduled VERY early departure we opted not to impose on the Greenwoods and grabbed a hotel room. They were so very generous in offering their home but after all they’ve done for us we just couldn’t. You won’t find kinder people anywhere.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to some people who touched our hearts. There were sad smiles that only people who’s lives have been impacted can have. A tear or 2 was shed, promises of a future meet made, and one last pat on the back.

More tomorrow from the road home….

6 Responses to “Rally Finish”

  1. bob says:

    now, go on to washington dc and get that mess straightened out too!

  2. Wanda Blair says:

    Have a safe trip back!!

  3. Elizabeth Hoepner says:

    Awesome !!!
    Looking forward to your safe return home.

  4. Ruben says:

    dave, I think Bob may have our next Reliability Run destination planned out! lets get together and see if we can make a Difference in Washinton as well! After this weekend, I think we can!
    Thanks for all your support and help on this effort, we have made a difference.

  5. I enjoyed meeting the two of you and hope to see you again. You guys were great to come for the drive and everyone enjoyed your company. Stay save and well.


  6. Carmen + Holger says:

    Hello to you both,
    we are back home too and it’s raining here in Germany. But it makes a warm and sunny feeling to think back to the great time with you and the other crazy people from Birmingham, Al., and we’ll always remember this weekend on the Reliability Run through Alabama and Mississipi.
    And we did it, too … :o)
    Stay save and may be, sometimes, you will remember
    Carmen + Holger from Germany